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Feast of the Seven Fishes

The seven wonders of the world, seven days in the week, the seven sacraments, seven days of creation, or seven is just a lucky number ... no one is certain about the exact origin of The Feast of Seven Fishes. The feast is a traditional meal served on Christmas Eve throughout Italy, which dates back centuries. The common belief is that partaking in the Feast will bring good luck and fortune in the year to come. The Feast of Seven Fishes at Grotto and Marliave is served over three courses and utilizes the great abundance of seafood available to us in New England. The feast at Grotto and Marliave is 65 dollars per person (neither of the menus include dessert). The menus for each restaurant will be available on the respected websites next week.

Grotto and Marliave will begin serving The Feast of the Seven Fishes Friday, December 21, 2012 thru Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24, 2012. Marliave and Grotto will also be offering their full menus in addition to the Feast of the Seven Fishes menu. Our third restaurant, Kitchen, located at 560 Tremont Street, will not be participating in The Feast of the Seven Fishes menu, but will be serving full regular menu on Christmas Eve.

Grotto and Marliave will begin serving The Feast of Seven Fishes at 5:00 p.m. starting Friday December 21st until Christmas Eve. Reservations are required. To make a reservation at Grotto please call 617.227.3434. To reserve a table at Marliave please call 617.422.0004.

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A Mixer on groundhoug day.
..shadow or no shadow

Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck, General Beauregard Lee, Buckeye Chuck, and Chuckles this cocktail party is for you. Last year Pete, Dylan, Kevin, even Al Roker with all their fancy computer models predicted a blizzard that was more like an April shower. Storm center 5, right, call me old fashioned, but give me a groundhog to predict my weather. No shadow means early spring, and if there is a shadow then we should be expecEng six more weeks of winter. Marliave invites you to join us February 2, 2012 shadow or no shadow from 5-­-8pm for a cocktail party to "Give the Groundhog his Props". Come rub elbows, network, and mingle with Downtown Crossing inhabitants while "Giving the Groundhog his Props". Marliave's resident bartenders and a few special guests will offer a la carte specialty libaEons, barrel-­-aged cocktails, assorted punches, wine, and beer. The party will feature passed and placed hors d'oeuvres like deviled eggs, meatball sliders, cheese puffs, oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, caviar, and assorted tasEng cups.

The Groundhog cocktail party will be in Marliave's upstairs dining and bar area, and classic cocktail music will be playing in the background. Suits and cocktail party a`re is encouraged, but not required. The 20 dollar Ecket will cover admission and all hors d'oeuvres. There will be a cash bar for all alcoholic beverages. Marliave will be offering a half size porEon of our cocktails this evening. The soiree "Give a Shout Out to the Groundhog" begins at 5 p.m. and last unEl 8 p.m. Please call 617.422.0004 to purchase your ticket.

Enjoy Your Lunch

Want to have a good lunch, but are short on time... Tired of eating processed food at your desk ... Not feeling the food assembly line and sporks...? Come to the Marliave and enjoy lunch again! The Marliave now offers pre-ordering so you can spend your lunch hour (or 1/2 hour) enjoying your lunch. Check out our menu at our website - Marliave.com - and e-mail the morning of your lunch before 10:30 A.M. We will not pre-make your food. We will cook your lunch from scratch using only fresh ingredients, but will time the preparation so that it will be ready when you arrive. Send Marliave an email at themarliave@aol.com and pre-order anything on our menu. We will have your food ready for you to enjoy at one of our plush leather booths, a table upstairs in our window-enclosed dining room, or a seat at our 22' marble bar. Good food takes time to prepare and you will have the time to enjoy it at Marliave.

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Two Foie Gras Preparations

Marliave has added a new foie gras appetizer to our menu. Our foie gras tourchon, a classic French preparation, is lightly poached in Reisling. The poaching liquid is reduced to a slightly sweet accompaniment to the sliced cold foie gras which is served with toasted brioche. The two day process produces a fantastic savory appetizer. Marliave is also offering a whole pan roasted foie gras that is served with roasted apples, fingerling potatoes, black truffles, thyme, and garlic. The whole roasted foie gras is presented at the table and is then plated in the kitchen. The foie gras is ideal for four or more to share as an appetizer or two to share as an entree.

Please call 617.422.0004 to make a reservation at Marliave.
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Ok.. it's another Big Night

Big Night is one of our favorite movies at our sister restaurant, Grotto. We will be holding our next Big Night Wednesday September 28, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. Big Night is a classic story of two Italian brothers, Primo & Secondo, who decide to open a restaurant. They serve authentic Italian cuisine, but the public wants to dine at the Americanized Italian restaurant across the street, and business is failing. The brothers finally get their chance when the owner of the restaurant across the street says he will get Louis Prima to come to their restaurant for dinner.

The brothers invite everyone they know and tell the press hoping for a great write up. The stage is set for Big Night, the feast that Primo prepares is of film lore and guests are awed by the quality of the cuisine, but Louis Prima never show, and the rest is history. On Wednesday, September 28th, 2010 at 7pm Grotto is once again re-creating the multi-course Big Night dinner, from timpano to whole roasted pig, Grotto will set the stage for our best Big Night ever. Guests are encouraged to dress in fifties-style evening wear like in the movie. The dinner is 75 dollars with house selected wines or 55 dollars if you wish to choose your own vintage. The event is by reservation only.
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A Nightly Fixe 

Grotto will be continuing their regular menu with the Restaurant Week price of $33.00 per person every night for dinner through the month of September. The three course option is available seven days a week during all hours of dinner operation. The prix fixe consists of Grotto's appetizers, entrees and desserts. A la carte prices per course are offered as well. Please call Grotto at 617.227.3434 to reserve a table.
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“Lunch: You Deserve It” 

Wonder why you hit a wall every mid-afternoon?  It probably has to do what you had for lunch.  Studies have shown how much more productive we are when we eat good food, and the importance getting away from your office and recollect your thoughts. 

Lunch is an important part of your day. Lunch is a chance to regroup, and recharge your mind and body.  Unfortunately, the typical workday lunch has turned into poor quality foods, mass-produced to provide volume not flavor.   Pre-cooked foods set up in an assembly line, waiting for you to take an unhealthy lunch break, bolting down your food at your desk or on the run.   

The chefs at Marliave cook all items when you place your order.  Our house-prepared pastas, soups, salads, and sauces are stored cold and not preheated.  We use the best local ingredients and we treat those ingredients with care.  Marliave serves good food…not fast food.  When you come to Marliave, sit down and relax, allow us to prepare your food to order, and take in some fresh air as you walk back to the rest of your day.  May your day be a productive one. 

Lunch is a meal not a snack.  Treat yourself right:  You deserve it.

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Go Ahead: Just Call Us Old Fashioned
A Cocktail: Ice and Mixers

 Ice is a key ingredient in any cocktail, and that is why, at Marliave, we invested in a Kold-Draft® ice machine.  Unlike the ice machines that nearly every restaurant in Boston uses, the Kold-Draft® machine makes very large ice cubes with distilled water.  These ice cubes don't melt at nearly the rate that small ice pellets do, which insures a colder and less watered-down drink.  Additionally, we also custom freeze even larger ice cubes for drinks like Plymouth Rock (Plymouth gin and one large ice cube) to ensure even less melting and more gin-enjoying!
The use of soda guns is one of the great tragedies to the restaurant and cocktail industries, and that is why we just don't use them.  Like most shortcut preparations, it produces an inferior product which in turn ruins the quality of the top shelf liquors.  Sour mix from a soda gun is a lazy way to imitate simple sugar syrup with fresh lemon and lime juice.  The tonic, soda, and juices from a soda gun are no substitute for the real McCoy.  At Marliave, when you order a gin and tonic, you receive gin of your choice with our Kold-Draft® ice cubes and a freshly opened bottle of Stirring tonic on the side to add to your liking cheers.
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